Oscar Bettison's work demonstrates a willingness to work within and outside the confines of concert music. He likes to work with what he calls "cinderella instruments", either by making percussion instruments or by re-imagining other instruments as well as writing for instruments more common in rock music.

CD Pick of the Week: "an unconventional lyricism and a menacing beauty"
(WNYC radio, Soundcheck, 16 April 2010)

"an ever-developing swirl of swarming, syncopated horns" "feverish interplay" "the keening penultimate movement telegraphing terror in its descending scales before the inevitable lulling finale, nailed shut by a thudding drum."
(Baltimore City Paper, 21 April 2010)

5-stars: "a theatrical atmosphere, building in intensity. From a lazy funereal blues via dissonant, relentlessly pulsating blocks of energy it arrives at an uneasy close."
(NRC Handelsblad, 21 May 2010)