JUNK (2002)

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Solo S. Sax, Solo Junk Perc
3 Fl (all dbl Picc.), 2 Ob, C. Ang, 2 Clt (1st dbl E-flat), B. Clt, A. Sax, 2 Bsn, C. Bsn, 4 Horns, 3 Tpt (3rd dbl Flg), 3 Tbn (2 Ten, Bass) Tba, 3 Perc (incl. 2 Elec Drills), Fender Rhodes, Synth, Elec Guit, Bass Guit, Amplified Harp, 8 Vc, 6 Db.
DURATION: 25 Minutes
FIRST PERFORMANCES: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, Netherlands, (03-Jul-2002)
Arnold Schoenbergzaal, Den Haag, Netherlands, (04-Jul-2002)
Orkest van het Koninklijk Conservatorium, S. Sax: Heiko Geerts, Junk Perc: Deigo Espinosa
Cond. Micha Hamel


Composer's Notes  
Junk was written in 2002 as a concerto for the saxophonist Heiko Geerts and the percussionist Deigo Espinosa. The solo percussion part is performed entirely on junk percussion and for the performances I built much of this myself. The idea behind the piece was to construct huge pieces of musical machinery inside of which the saxophone and junk percussion find themselves. There is a narrative of sorts and this is provided by the saxophone: after initially only being able to reiterate one pitch, the saxophone gradually begins to articulate melodies. This process is interrupted by a large stasis, after which the saxophone is able to continue this journey, this time bringing the whole orchestra along for the ride. Gradually though, noise takes over from melody as if the junk percussion is finally holding sway over the saxophone and the orchestra, and the piece ends with the sound of machinery. Junk lasts around 20 minutes.
— Oscar Bettison